Demand Generation

Content marketing
Video marketing
Social media marketing and advertising
Display advertising

Retention and Recovery

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Marketing Automation

Lead Generation

Affiliates, partnerships
PPC search ads
Content marketing


Help in setting goals and objectives
Refining the budget
Investor research, warm intros
Improving the pitch, both written and verbal



  • Ran a bi-monthly email campaign to a network of 10,000 product users and industry leaders (open rate 24%).
  • Carried out  several larger PR campaigns, rebuilt content strategy and transitioned Planet OS blog over to Medium.
  • Responsible for company’s social media strategy and execution across all channels.
  • Successfully hosted a dozen developer meet-ups for hiring and community building purposes.


  • Built a results-driven Marketing and Communications team of six people, acts as Team Lead.
  • Redeveloped WePower brand from a hype to a savvy technology company solving a real problem in the energy market.
  • In charge of company’s Marketing and Communications strategy and planning as well as strategic partnerships.
  • Led successful PR campaigns with coverage in The Economist, Bloomberg, Wired UK and Greentech Media.
  • Successfully prevented PR crisis during the fall of the Crypto Market as well as company restructuring.
  • Worked closely with Product team, constantly refining the messaging as the company sought for product-market fit.


  • In just one year, bootstrapped an event of 200 entrepreneurs into country's flagship tech conference with close to 2,000 attendees.
  • Built partnerships and closed €50,000 in sponsorships from Microsoft, Transferwise, Adcash and others.
  • Supported organising team of 20 in everything from speaker lineup, social media strategy to meeting ticket sale goals.



  • Joined early on as their first marketing and communications person.
  • Built a marketing strategy and trained the Head of Marketing.

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